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An Exciting New Free Video Series on St Luke's FORMED
"Finding The Meaning Of Life"
                 Answers to such questions as:               
Who am I? What do I want? Is there a point to my life?
Good news!! "The Search" video series is now available in full for you and your families' free viewing on our St Luke's FORMED subscription. This series is one awesome program about The Meaning Of Life.  It explores the deepest questions on the human heart:  Who am I? What do I want? Is there a point to my life?  See  below for a listing of episode titles and above for a link to  FORMED access/registration information. You may share this information and access with family, friends and neighbors.
God Bless
FORMED Team: Joe Lofgren and Bill Sweeney
Comments, questions, problems; email Bill Sweeney at
Here are the titles & minutes of each episode:
1) What Do You Seek? 24m, 2) Who Are You? 29m,
3) Why A God? 30m, 4) What's Our Story? 26m, 
5) Who Is Jesus? 24m,  6) Am I Saved? 26m,  7) Why A Church? 34m.
Also view excellent short discussion videos, titled "After The Search", for each episode.
P.S.We have watched this seven part series. We would rate it a 10 on a scale of 10. We also would give Chris Stefanick, the host, an Oscar for his most effective presentation style. A few highlights: In episode 2, We marvel at the depiction/comparison of the majesty, splendor and significance of each human person, body and soul, with the galaxies. We loved the message, that God loves each of us this much, in opening minutes of  episode 6 in the midst of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia and in episode 7, We loved being part of an exciting rocket ride to space, while viewing astronauts receiving the Eucharist as a "little church". Every one should make time to watch these outstanding episodes. most especially young adults. We are sending this email to all our relatives, friends and neighbors. God Bless, Gail & Bill Sweeney

                 Recent quote from the producer The Augustine Institute
"The Search has been described as the most thought-provoking and visually stunning presentation of the Gospel ever produced."
Access to "The Search" on (See access  link at the top of this screen) on the opening screen under BROWSE scroll down to the heading The SEARCH and view each of seven episodes.